Data Science for a Better world

Data for Social Good


SoGooD²ata is a friendly Spanish NGO which aims at solving social issues applying data science techniques.

Important steps forward have been taken over the last years concerning data analysis on different disciplines.
Private companies have noticed the value of data and a large amount of money has been invested in order to optimize and increase benefits.
However, it is not all about money, organisations and public services (with tons of data and less budget) sometimes lack data related initiatives trying to solve important social problems.

Our goal is to bring together data and experts from heterogenous domains to achieve worldwide social challenges.



Most of our projects are part of the 2015 UN goals:


You can also brainstorm about ideas that have a positive impact on society. The following are our current projects:

Predicting and providing insights to improve Madrid city pollution
Transport sharing
Measuring impact of transport sharing (bikes, motorbikes, cars...) in Madrid city
Monitoring health and different type of diseases in Spanish hospitals
Analyzing our society food consumption
Gender Equality
Impact of social awareness and legal regulation on the number of cases of gender-based violence
AI social awareness
Master classes and sessions about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in our everyday life for social awareness at different forums (primary schools, high schools, business schools, etc.)


You can collaborate with our community on different ways:

  • Providing your super data scientist’s skills
  • Sharing or identifying powerful data sources
  • Proposing new ideas
  • Making a donation (send us an email for further details)

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For any other question or suggestion, please email us: